SWS VibraHammer

Designed to combine oscillations and high impact peak in operations. It is frequently used in through tubing operations and for fishing.

Stavanger Well Services AS

SWS was founded in 2012 as a niche Service Provider but is now a diversified company that collaborates with a variety of international service & product suppliers and can offer up a selection of unique products and technologies.

SWS has an extensive network and an experienced engineering team that is known for innovative solutions and quick response.

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In-House Services

Workshop Services
Sourcing and purchasing services.
Rental of oilfield equipment.
Make up Break Out facilities.
Workshop facilities.
Pressure test facilities.
Warehousing – indoor and outdoor.
Hydraulic press - 50 Ton.
Flow and function test up to 1500 LPM.
Storage Space for 3rd party
Indoor Storage
Outdoor Storage
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Our Partners

SWS with Partners will offer Reliable, User-Friendly, Quality Products with the end user clearly in mind.
Kinetics Controls & Innovation